Wedding Day Dog Nanny


Wedding Day Dog Nanny



This post is going out to all you dog lovers out there …


If you want to skip the reading and want to find out the awesome top tips and the amazing interview I had with Sarah on Wedding Day Dog Nanny scroll down to the video below.


Let’s face it we’re a nation of dog lovers. Am I right? I definitely can’t say I’m not. As I write this I’ve got the Peach the pooch sitting next to me. Dogs are our best friends so how on earth could we leave them out of proceedings. I’m not sure I could and from what I’ve heard along the way, you can’t either.


So what is a Wedding Day Dog Nanny?

Pretty simple really, it near enough says it on the tin. They’re there to look after your best friend throughout your wedding day so you don’t have to.


So why is this needed?

Your dog loved, cherished, not stressing out and you not feeling like you’re a burden on you friends and family to look after the dog. Plus your wedding day dog nanny can help incorporating your dog into your wedding day timeline – like for epic couple photos on the beach with your dog.


I think it’s time, let me introduce you to the one and only Wedding Day Dog Nanny. Meet Sarah! She is based in beautiful Cornwall (some say wedding paradise).


A brief extract from Sarah’s Website giving you the reason why she is so passionate about her business, Wedding Day Dog Nanny –


My LOVE of dogs started at such a young age! My earliest memories all involve dogs! We have a large extended family and pretty much everyone had dogs of different shapes & sizes!

I live in beautiful Cornwall with my family, including our lovable chihuahua! I wanted to work with dogs but wasn’t sure what avenue to take,until I started to think about our wedding Five years ago we were unable to find anyone to care for our two dogs Kaiser Chief the Golden Retriever & Dolly the Chihuahua, I would have loved them to be a part of our wedding day and so sad we don’t have any photos of the 6 of us together on the wedding day.

I realised with Cornwall being such a great wedding destination for people from all over the UK and the love of dogs here that giving people the opportunity to have their dogs with them on their special day would be amazing!….. & I absolutely adore the magic of weddings

Often I care for dogs that I have never met before with a pocket of treats remaining calm and relaxed the dogs settle quickly and trust me to care for them, even the ones that take a little longer to adjust are soon cuddled up with me on the sofa! 

Growing up around dogs

My very first dog was a multi mixed dog from the neighbour that had pups! We badgered dad for one!….  we brought Sam home! he caused all sorts of havoc wherever he went! We welcomed Tiggy when I was a teenager, a black Labrador crossed springer spaniel who came from a farm and litter of 14! 

My 21st Birthday brought Sidney the westie into my life & was my absolute world, I loved that boy and took him everywhere I went on my pushbike tucked under my arm! Within our family, there were so many different dogs from Springer Spaniels to pugs  & most other breeds in between!

Growing up around so many dogs shaped the person I am today! I am always the person making friends with the dog at a party! I can’t resist saying hello to any dogs I meet. I love their loyalty, the unconditional love they have for their humans, how trusting they are & well just so amazing!

“Dogs do speak but only to those that listen”


Let’s dive into this epic interview with Sarah all about Wedding Day Dog Nanny based here in Cornwall:



I hope you loved the video. I loved recording it and finding lots of information about her business – Wedding Day Dog Nanny.


If you think the Wedding Day Dog Nanny is right for you go and check out the website and fill out her contact form. It all starts with a little chat. Or fancy getting a little social – follow the links below –

Website –

Instagram –


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I can’t wait to see you and photograph your wedding soon!

Speak soon,



Wedding Day Dog Nanny

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