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Rockbeare Manor Christmas Wedding – Emily & Ben

21st of December … what a day to get married on at Rockbeare Manor. A beautiful manor house (set just outside of Exeter) surrounded by gorgeous countryside. Just stunning. What made this wedding even more special was the time of year … a few days before Christmas. A magical time of year, the magic definitely shone at the wedding of Emily and Ben.

From getting ready (you need to check out Emily’s dress … jaw dropping and Ben’s suit was top notch) to watching the party get in full swing (the band started and the shapes started flying, the dance moves need to be checked out) I was there to capture it all, there was so much joy and happiness all around.

It’s nearly time to let the photos (and the slideshow) do the talking. The photos can say so much more about this wedding than I can put into words. But first, let’s touch on a few details about the Rockbeare Manor.

A little bit about Rockbeare Manor –

Rockbeare Manor is set out in the countryside of Devon, not too far from Exeter. A beautiful regency style manor house that became a spectacular wedding venue in 2016. It can cater for guests from 50 – 160 people and boy the know how to throw the most amazing celebrations. Everything is smooth and well thought of, the team at Rockbeare Manor make it so easy for you. Say goodbye to any wedding day organisation stress. Rockbeare Manor is a venue not to be missed!

Location details: Rockbeare Manor, Nr Exeter, Devon, EX5 2FE

Website –  https://www.rockbearemanor.co.uk/weddings

I’ll now pass you over to Emily & Ben to give you an insight into their wedding at Rockbeare Manor …

Tell me about your The Beginning!

We met in Secondary School, Ben and I were really close friends most of the way through, but specifically year 9/10/11.
Ben fancied me, but I was too busy off with, let’s just say the ‘bad boys’ so I paid no attention to him!
When it came to our prom, the guy I was meant to go with, god excluded lol, so Ben ditched his date and took me! How sweet, although not for his date.
I then went away to Australia and Ben went to Uni and we remained in friendly contact but that was all it was.
About 4 months before I came back to the UK, Ben and I started talking again and arranged to meet up when I came back as it had been years since we had seen each other, when I saw him when I came back everything changed and I no longer looked at him as just a friend. Since the day I go back we have been together!

When and where did you get engaged?

We got engaged on our Holiday to France. We had planned to go to Nice with the view to spend time in Monaco.
Ben proposed to me in Monaco at a restaurant which was actually really stressful. Ben had checked that the formula one racing wasn’t on which it wasn’t, but he didn’t check any other races and the day we were there, so happened to be the electric car racing to so we couldn’t see any of Monaco as it was all boarded off and it was a complete nightmare trying to get to our restaurant. We eventually made it, but planned to come back to the next day to have a good look around but I ended up getting food poisoning and spent the rest of the weekend in bed hahah

What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

We have gone for Black, White with a touch of gold.
We want it to look old school, yet classic and modern.
Lots of candles, fairy lights, really simplistic vibes. My dress reflects that too, the bridesmaids are wearing black also.

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Marry Ben of course! Finally seeing the day we have been planning for 2 years come together! Seeing all of our favorite people in the same room and just having a great day!

Top Tips!

Don’t ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to early!! Although we love all that we have chosen, on reflection we would probably want to just have one each, maybe 2. 5 each is a lot to organise, a lot to pay for and actually some of them haven’t been that great with helping so wait until you can to choose who is by your side!

Address family issues early, I have left mine very late and it’s the whole topic of the wedding with sucks.

You will continuously get torn between, ‘ we only get married once’ and ‘it’s just one day’ when deciding on how much to buy, spend and put effort into. But I can confirm, I feel soo much more excited having put that extra bit of time and detail into it!

The Suppliers –

The suppliers at Emily and Ben’s wedding were just amazing; go check them out at the links below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Now onto the gallery … what you’re really here for. I hope you enjoy all of these photographs and that they help you relive Emily and Ben’s wedding day.

Wedding Gallery

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