Wedding VS Elopement – The Difference

So, Wedding Vs Elopement, what’s the difference? Whether you’re brand new to this whole idea of a non-traditional, adventurous elopement or you have been planning for your dream elopement day for years, you most likely are already aware that elopements and weddings are pretty different to a traditional wedding.

No matter what that looks like, your wedding day should be all you want it to be. If that means that you choose a large, conventional wedding simply because it makes you happy, go for it! Or, if it means that you invite no guests and elope at a secret location, then do it. 

I am going to tell you the difference between a traditional wedding and an elopement wedding.


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What is an Elopement Wedding?

Elopement weddings are usually small, intimate, meaningful, and authentic wedding experiences that are a true reflection of your relationship where the focus of the day is really about you two.

It is all about sticking to your own desired traditions, whether that be having a first look, not walking down the aisle (but landing in a helicopter for a real adventure!) or simply not inviting anyone to your wedding day – it is all about you.


The Main Differences Between a Wedding VS Elopement


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Fewer People

This is an important difference, but not in the way you might think because we are not talking specifically about the difference in the number of guests. The fact that an elopement typically involves fewer people than a wedding is part of the objective, despite the fact that this is by its very nature.

An elopement usually provides couples with the option to invite the exact number of people and the particular people that will make them feel the happiest at their wedding.

There is far more freedom to place limitations and boundaries on the number of guests invited to an elopement because it is about the couple and how they want to truly build their own wedding experience.

For some couples, that entails having a private, just-the-two-of-us wedding ceremony. Others interpret this as simply inviting their parents, siblings, or close acquaintances. Sometimes, that entails only a select few people, say, 15 to 20 being present on their special day.

With traditional weddings, you are frequently obligated to include cousins, coworkers, longtime friends, and so on and so forth until your invitation list is 300 people deep.


Wedding VS Elopement - The Difference | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Couple posing with their rings



Many people feel that choosing to elope provides them with the opportunity to have a day that is more in line with who they truly are as individuals.

Consider the fact that some people are genuinely excited about the prospect of a traditional wedding complete with a fun celebration, dancing, presents, glitz, and more. However, some people hate the idea of this and would prefer something that makes them feel comfortable and happy!


Wedding VS Elopement - The Difference | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Eloping at Chapel Porth | St Agnes


You Have More Choice

The concept of a traditional wedding does have a formula, even though I am not arguing that all traditional weddings are the same. 

With elopements, all of the rules, expectations, and obligations fly out the window.  Particularly when it comes to the specific location. There are countless locations and venues to choose from for a traditional wedding, but the options for an elopement wedding are different.

One benefit is that you can choose from a variety of locations, including mountain peaks, raging rivers, waterfalls, desert sands, cliffs, and canyons. You can choose any location in the world for your venue.


Wedding VS Elopement - The Difference | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Eloping atBeacon Crag | Couple having fun


Less Stress

Before we continue, we want to be clear that neither elopements nor weddings are completely stress-free activities.

That ultimately depends on the type of person you are, your plans for the day, and your approach to dealing with it. Having said that, elopements rarely have certain stressful moments that regular weddings frequently have.

Elopements can also be a huge relief from family-related stress.

Family involvement is usually a part of large, conventional weddings, and for many people, that is not inherently stress-free.


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The Values Are Different

The truth is that the fundamental ideals of traditional weddings and elopement experiences are very different.

Typically, couples who genuinely want a large, traditional wedding value having their community there on their special day, being the centre of attention, and organising an unforgettable, fun celebration to commemorate their marriage.

Contrarily, couples who decide to elope frequently prefer experiences to material possessions, elaborate celebrations, and the spotlight on their special day.

An elopement wedding instead of a traditional wedding doesn’t mean you don’t want to invest in your wedding experience; it only implies that you value other things as a couple than what a large, traditional wedding can provide.


Wedding VS Elopement - The Difference | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Eloping at Chapel Porth | Standing on beach as the sun sets


You Can Have The Best of Both Worlds!

There are many inventive ways to ensure you obtain all you want if you yearn for a little personalised blend of both the intimate, planned elopement with some of the elements of a traditional wedding!


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Elope With Your Family 

Some people believe that eloping with your family would be against the rules, however as we previously stated, there are no rules! You can enjoy a lovely elopement with family members, close friends, siblings, grandparents, children, and more. Some people even wish to escape with their dogs!

Have an Extra Party!

If you and your partner desire a private ceremony as well as a sense of community and support, think about hosting a joyful reception in addition to your elopement. 

Alternately, make one for when you get back! Even before your elopement day, some couples have parties where friends and family can watch them sign their marriage licences. The possibilities are endless!


Wedding VS Elopement - The Difference | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Eloping at Chapel Porth | Standing on beach as the sun sets


Make it Two Days

Sometimes a couple wants to do so much during their elopement that it can’t all be accomplished in one day, especially if they want to go on a wild adventure, invite guests, and end the day with a reception. 

Consider spending an entire day together, having the crazy adventure you have always wanted. Then, dedicate the next day to an elopement experience with your loved ones!


Wedding VS Elopement - The Difference | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Eloping at Beacon Crag


Remember, it is All About You

Whatever type of wedding experience you choose, never forget the most crucial aspect: It should be completely representative of who you both are and how you want to celebrate this lovely, thrilling adventure you have decided to embark on together.

Having an experience that you can look back on and remember loving every second of is the ultimate aim. Make sure everything looks and goes precisely the way you want it to for your wedding day.

If you would like someone to join your adventure and non-obtrusively take images on your wedding day, then I may your guy! You can enquire about my services here.


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