Top Wedding Trends 2022

Top Wedding Trends 2022

The Wedding Trends 2022 You’re Going to See Everywhere 

You said yes! You’re now engaged, a huge congratulations! Whether you got engaged a while ago or more recently and want to know what trends are going to take the wedding industry by storm in 2022. Then you’ve come to the right place!

With record numbers of weddings happening in 2022 you’ll want to be as prepared as you can be to say ‘I do’ and know all about what you can expect on the wedding scene over this next year. From private elopements to huge themed parties. Couples will be throwing more true to themselves weddings this year and I’m all for it.

Start practicing your bouquet toss and first dance moves – you’re getting married!

In this blog I’ll bring you all of the emerging wedding trends 2022. With Covid restrictions easing we are certainly seeing much more elaborate and fun filled occasions with a real focus on bringing loved ones together and sharing joy. Couples are more keenly aware of how much friends and family members mean to them and want their wedding celebrations to reflect this.

2022 will certainly be a year for throwing massive parties with 2022 couples wanting their wedding day to reflect their personalities, creativeness and above all be…. fun! Featuring unexpected elements and surprises that their guests will long remember after the wedding day. 2022 will see statement colours, bold entertainment, thoughtful décor and fashion-forward bridal style.

Don’t worry if these trends aren’t speaking to you on a level. Planning a wedding is highly personal and you should have whatever day you want. Don’t worry about trends, rip up the rulebook and plan the day you’ve always wanted!


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The Biggest Wedding Trends 2022


Sustainable Weddings

Going green is becoming a big priority for environmentally conscious couples. With everything from locally sourced catering to going plastic free couples are looking more closely as to how they can reduce the carbon footprint of their wedding day.

Second hand wedding dresses have exploded in popularity – not only are you going to save money, you’ll be saving the environmental costs of raw materials needed for a new dress too. Outdoor ceremonies and non-traditional venues are also on the rise. Often these locations don’t need as much décor and materials to make the space look beautiful.

Rent your gown, shop local and in season, forgo favours in place of charitable donations and consider a meat free alternative for your wedding breakfast are all ways you can decrease the overall impact of your wedding carbon footprint.


Cake Arches

The cake table is getting a makeover for 2022! Whether it’s a cake arch or a hoop, decorated with flowers, balloons, dried foliage or left plain for a modern look, we are seeing more and more of an effort being made into cutting the cake. Going extra on the cake display gives the dining room a focus and I can’t wait to see more of them in 2022 weddings!


Rustic weddings or ‘scandi-chic’ are showing no signs of slowing down for the forthcoming wedding season. The search term ‘rustic wedding ideas’ is up 125% through 2021 and there’s a whopping 500,000 Instagram posts dedicated to this theme. Expect to see intimate and cosy vibes that bring the outdoors in from dried flowers to neutral tones. 

Weekday Weddings

With a huge backlog of weddings as an effect of the pandemic we can expect to see more and more weekday weddings.  While a weekday wedding requires a little more attention from your guest to attend such as booking time off work, many couples are happy to reap the benefits of having a wedding on a less popular day such as lower costs and better availability of suppliers and venues. Plus if you are having a smaller wedding you may find that having a weekday wedding doesn’t impact on who attends as much as you think it might. 


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Gin Bars

The fascination with gin shows no sign of slowing down this year with gin sales reaching an all-time high in March 2021. Gin is going to still be the tipple of choice for 2021 with many couples incorporating it into cocktails, having flavoured gins as part of the evening reception or having a G & T station. 

All out celebrations

Whilst micro weddings are certainly on the rise, we’ll be seeing more and more couples going big for their wedding celebrations. Macro-weddings will include weekend affairs, being more generous with the guest list and amazing entertainment. The last few years uncertainty and delays have definitely resulted in many couples wanting to go all out on the wedding celebrations and I’m all for it! 

Bold Colours

Pastel tones have certainly moved out and made way for bright, bold colours. Warm, earthy tones, vibrant hues and monochromes are in and here with a big bang! Colour trend predictors are saying that sonic blues, bright greens, orange tones, bubble-gum pinks and coral rose are going to be big for the season ahead.


Another trend I’m excited to see variations of at weddings throughout the next twelve months is bows. Big ones, little ones and everything in-between! Whether they’re on dresses, cakes, hair accessories, shoes or show up in your décor, I’m here for them! 

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Regency Romance

The Bridgerton effect shows no signs of leaving us soon and we’ll see lots of regency and romance on the wedding scene in 2022. With literacy inspired touches, regency blue hues and romantic elements all inspired by the hit Netflix show. Pastel tones will show up in bridesmaid’s dresses, swirled decorations on cakes and stationery, gold features and candles will complete this romantic wedding theme. I can’t wait to see more Bridgerton inspired weddings over the next year.

Modern Monochrome

Monochrome is a theme I haven’t seen on the wedding scene for a while but it’s making a slow and steady comeback and gives your wedding a modern edge. Having a monochrome, black and white themed wedding would suit a Gatsby themed day or be perfect for an ultra modern theme. Pair it with gold for a striking look. 

Ball Gowns

Ball Gowns are back! It seems the obsession with regency we all picked up from Netflix’s Bridgerton is here to stay in 2022. This along with many couples choosing to postpone their wedding after the wedding has meant that there’s a surge of bride-to-be’s using extra savings on making sure they make an entrance with a princess style ball gown. 

Unconventional Themed Parties 

Getting married is a once in a lifetime event. Rewrite the rules! In 2022, couples are embracing the party atmosphere and reimagining their ideal wedding day, bridal parties and stag do’s too. From fun days out and outdoors excursions and mixed stag and hen (the stens) do’s to themed evening receptions. The fun factor is in and we can expect to see more and more couples embracing their individuality and letting it shine on their day. It all sounds like great fun!

Very Peri 

If you haven’t seen the Pantone colour of the year everywhere yet, brace yourself – you’re about to! Expect to see pops of this periwinkle colour in everything from bridesmaids dresses to bouquets and wedding stationery too. Gone are the days of all white weddings, this gorgeous shade pairs well against stronger, more vibrant colours too. Beautiful!

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The pandemic has seen many couples have to look closely at their options in getting married. Many have chosen to elope and perhaps saw it as their only chance to get married. This has seen a rise in eloping and smaller, more intimate weddings become a more and more popular choice – even as we see more things opening up.  Having a smaller wedding not only will save you money and a lot of stress too, you’ll also get to focus on a celebration of what truly matters – you! 



How does your wedding plans compare with the wedding trends 2022 we’ll be seeing? Are you incorporating any of the ones mentioned into your wedding this year or next? Do you have any you could add? I’d love to know – drop me a message here.



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