Top tip for including your dog in your Engagement Photos

August 13, 2021


Ok, So I’m all in. If you have a dog bring them with you, the best accessory you can have. If you can’t tell I really love dogs and they look so good in photos. So why not include them – after all they are your best friend, well maybe not always but they win you back so very quickly.

Your dog has seen it all been there through thick and thin (maybe even when you popped the question), so it isn’t surprising more and more couples want to include the little (maybe not so little) pooch in their engagement photos. There really isn’t anything more adorable than having your beloved companion in your engagement session.

Here are my top tips for including your dog in your engagement photos –

  1. Notify your photographer! Check to make sure your photographer is an animal lover and that they are happy for you to bring your dog along. They will want to bring some extra bits and pieces, and maybe an assistant, to make sure you get the photos you want.
  2. Make sure pets are allowed at your desired location! Not all places allow dogs on their premises all year round – for instance, dogs aren’t allowed on some beaches during the summer period.
  3. Choose the right location! Take into account where you want the photos to be taken and if your pet will be comfortable there. We don’t want your dog getting burnt paws because the sand was too hot or your dog starting to shiver because they’re too cold.
  4. Time to accessorise! Ok, so I don’t mean to go mad. But nows the time to maybe dress your little one up in a dog tux or a bow tie.
  5. Don’t overdo it! Are you thinking about dressing up the pooch? Keep it simple (like a doggie bow tie). Make sure they’re comfortable and will be for the whole session.
  6. The more treats the better! Bring your pooches favourite treat to help entice them into the perfect pose. Also as a little pick me up, as it can be a little tiring being a dog model.
  7. Keep it short and sweet! The shorter the segment the better really when it comes to having your dog with you. They can lose interest and start to become restless resulting in you not getting the photos you wanted.
  8. Get help! Your friends can be the answer. Bring a friend along to help. You can quickly get the dog photos you wanted then they can go for a walk with your dog whilst you get more of the photos you wanted.
  9. Have fun! Don’t worry not everyone can go to plan. Maybe your pooch won’t cooperate on the day but don’t let it spoil your session. Let your friend take your dog for a brisk walk and you can always try again later on in the session.

So now you can have it all, a stunning coastal vista, your best friend, and your loved four-legged friend.

Engaged Couple Posing with Dog

Engaged Couple Posing with Dog

Engaged Couple Posing with Dog on their engagement session

Top Tips on including your dogs at your wedding