The Top 3 Tips For Posing Naturally

January 25, 2022

The Top 3 Tips For Posing Naturally

The Top 3 Tips For Posing Naturally

One of the biggest topics I feel is discussed with the couples that I have worked with. With them quite often asking for natural photos. But how do you achieve this? This can be really hard to master. For me the best way to master natural photos is by building up a friendship with your photographer before your wedding day so you feel at ease and relaxed. It’s then more like having a friend photograph your wedding rather than a stranger.

Building a friendship can be done in many ways, but my favourite is to have an engagement/ pre wedding photoshoot.

So let’s dive into the nitty gritty of natural posing …


Posing naturally is always a hard concept to get your head around but so easy to achieve with a little guidance. One main point that comes up is ending a candid moment too soon. I tell my couples if they they’re inclined to do something or move in a natural way, don’t stop. Often I have couples smiling and laughing away perfectly, and then they suddenly remember that there’s me floating around and stop to make sure they’re in the right position. Keep going though, 9 times out of 10 you’re doing a brilliant job and your photographer will offer you guidance if they see there is something wrong.

But where should you put your arms? It’s always hard to think what to do with your arms. Suddenly they become an extra part of you that you have no idea what to do with. It’s a hard one to bare in mind as you want it to look as natural as possible. It mainly comes down to taking a deep breath and relaxing. But here are a couple of tips – take a few deep breaths, don’t keep your arms pressed against your body (let them flow). If you want to hold your bouquet keep your arms elongated and relaxed – no fixed jagged right angles.

Candid photos that capture raw emotion and personality are ideal, but producing those gorgeous, natural poses (like laughing in a garden or giggling under the sunset) may seem unattainable. Here are a few silly things you can try to really give that wow factor.

  1. If it’s discreet, do a little butt squeeze, the laughs from that are amazing!

  2. Try looking in your partner’s eyes for 20 seconds straight. Inevitably one of you will start laughing!

  3. My favourite: Think of a secret (dirty or clean) and whisper it in your partners ear. Or try whispering any vegetable seductively into your partners ear. This one works splendidly!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little blog article, some fantastic ways to break the ice and make your couple photos have that natural wow factor!


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The Top 3 Tips For Posing Naturally