Styled Wedding At Pentillie Castle

Pentillie Castle Weddings – Styled Shoot

I’m so excited to finally reveal the images I took for the styled wedding at Pentillie Castle

For a while now I wanted to create a styled wedding, so I could push myself creatively and experiment with a few new techniques without the worry of potentially missing the shot if it was a real wedding.

You’re probably sat right there thinking what on earth is a ‘Styled Wedding.’ At first I had no idea what one is. But basically you liaise with local suppliers, at a particular venue, to create a mock wedding that has the aesthetics you love.

Pentillie Weddings

So, where is Pentillie?

As you can probably guess the styled wedding was at Pentillie Castle. But how did I get to choosing Pentillie … First off I decided to do some research and explore what venues in my surrounding area offered everything (the ceremony, perfect couple portraits and views you can only dream of). Having everything in one spot makes everything so much easier.

Quite a lot of my current weddings are beach oriented, which I absolutely love, so to push myself I wanted to head more inland. Having chatted to fellow suppliers and jumped into the big world of Google I decided I have to do the styled wedding at Pentillie Castle.

Styled Wedding At Pentillie Castle

A brief into Pentillie Castle –

Pentillie Castle is a grade II listed country house and estate on the bank of the River Tamar, in Cornwall, UK. Let’s set the scene, you enter down a long narrow road with rolling hills abundant in trees and wildlife, you approach the 1698 grand castle (it even has it’s own pool) and yes all of this can be exclusively yours.

What can they offer you:

Pentillie  Castle offers a picturesque setting stacked with history for a romantic wedding, whether that be an elopement, micro wedding or something on the grander scale. You can choose from a wide range of places to have your ceremony from the bathing hut (by the river), by the glorious oak, or by the colourful wisteria. I’m so happy outdoor ceremonies have been made legal. If you want to check out other outdoor locations that Pentillie Castle has to offer click the link here – outdoor locations.

About the styled wedding

I decided that I really wanted to keep it as minimalist as possible. Partly as it was my first styled wedding and secondly because I wanted to let the location do the talking so you could picture yourself getting married at Pentillie Castle. So I set out with the idea of capturing the basics of what I feel you would want to see in any wedding brochure – the location itself and an idea for your potential ceremony.

After securing the venue (communication was amazing from Pentillie) I went on to find awesome suppliers that really could help get my ideas into action. Oh boy they all delivered and I’m so grateful for every little bit of help they gave me. It went from idea to wow this actually happened … I created this! From hair and makeup, full ceremony set up by the Turkey Oak, to walking around the grounds.

Go check out the photos of the day below and the list of amazing suppliers.

The List of Wonderful Suppliers You Need At Your Wedding –

So why did I wait this long to post about the styled wedding at Pentillie Castle?

I was thinking about building up suspense but I couldn’t wait to tell you. It was because it got FEATURED! Yes featured … By the amazing people at Wed Magazine. This was one of my main goals for this shoot. Mission accomplished!

To check out the full article by Wed Magazine click on the link here.

Don’t forget go and check out the photos below
Styled Wedding at Pentillie Castle
Styled Wedding At Pentillie Castle Wedding Venue
Styled Wedding At Pentillie Castle
Pentillie Castle Weddings
Pentillie Weddings
Styled Wedding At Pentillie Castle
Styled Wedding At Pentillie Castle
Styled Wedding At Pentillie Castle
Styled Wedding At Pentillie Castle
Styled Wedding At Pentillie Castle
Styled Wedding At Pentillie Castle
Styled Wedding At Pentillie Castle
Details and How to get to Pentillie Castle –

Email Address –
Phone Number – 01579 350 044
Website –

How to get there:

Pentille Castle is Located at – Paynters Cross, St. Mellion, Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 6QD

By Road – If you’re going by car you’ll find it just off of the A388. Coming from Exeter you’ll stay you’ll approach from the A30 or the A38 coming from Bodmin. All very straightforward. for both approaches, you’ll want to head for the A388 and head towards Cargreen. Once approaching the turning for Cargreen you’ll find the venue on the left after about 400 meters.

We’ve made it to the end of this blog but if you fancy reading more wedding content I really think you’ll find this useful for planning your wedding – How To Organise A Wedding Timeline

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