My Top 3 Tips On How To Walk In Front Of The Camera At Your Wedding

January 25, 2022

My Top 3 Tips On How To Walk In Front Of The Camera At Your Wedding

My Top 3 Tips On How To Walk In Front Of The Camera At Your Wedding

I bet you’re thinking right now that this wasn’t even a thing, but yet it is. So how do you walk in front of the camera at your wedding?

Don’t worry I won’t keep you that long (but this is an ace bit of info). That doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve its own blog post, it sure does as this can make or break your wedding photos. I’m so excited  to be telling you this; I’m going to jump straight in.

Imagine this you’re looking back through all of your wedding photos, in a luxury bespoke wedding album, but you don’t like the photos of you walking. You thought you were doing everything right on the day and your photographer didn’t tell you otherwise, nor did they guide you on how to do it properly. Now feeling a little upset and thinking you look more like a waddling penguin than a beautiful bride – not what you imagined at all.

I’ve seen this countless times. Couples start to walk like it’s a sprint and before you know it they’re 200 meters down the road.

Instead ace the walking photos by following these top tips –

  • Take a deep breath and take it slow.
  • Walk tall and proud – be the model you want to be
  • Imagine you’re on a tightrope and you have to walk along that thin piece of rope

If you want further inspiration take a look back at another blog of mine all about body posture and weight distribution for your portraits. It’s really fascinating how one little change in posture can make such a large difference.

For instance –

Simply by changing the way you walk to placing your feet in a straight line whilst you walk will alter your weight distribution to your hips changing your appearance in the portrait.

Now it’s time to strut your stuff like a pro.

Think like a model  and you’ve got this!!!


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