Have you ever wondered what to wear for an engagement photoshoot?

January 25, 2022

Have you ever wondered what to wear for an engagement photoshoot?

So, have you ever wondered what to wear for an engagement photoshoot? This is a hard one as you want to look your best but also feel comfortable and natural. But what’s to say your comfortable isn’t smart enough, I quite often get told I dress smart – but smart for me is comfortable. After all these are photos you will treasure and could even be the centre piece at your wedding. I personally love an engagement photo session as it allows me to connect with you and start to form a friendship.  It’s so much nicer having a friend photograph your wedding than just a photographer!

Here are my top tips on deciding what to wear for an engagement photoshoot-

  1. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, that makes you feel you! If you’re a t-shirt kind of couple don’t go out spending hundreds of pounds on stylish dress and dazzling suit, you won’t feel you. Wear clothes that show off your personality as a couple. If it was me deciding on what to wear it would be a smart shirt and most probably chinos, with shoes dependent on where we were going.

  2. Wear clothes that compliment each other but not matching! Don’t go for matching outfits, it just doesn’t work. Especially an all denim affair (this is coming back into fashion, but it doesn’t look good on camera – trust me if it would work i’d do it). Go for colours that complement each other like pale blue and pink.

  3. Choose pastel, cool colours and neutral tones! Nothing vibrant, trust me on this. Unless your main point is to look like a neon sign, this could be your thing. You’ll leap off the page that’s for sure. You don’t want your clothes to do all the work and be the main focus, but to compliment you.

  4. Think of your location and the season! Plan for your location and season. For instance if you are going off the beaten track take the appropriate footwear. Also think about the weather, it can be unpredictable. Especially here in Cornwall (even on a summers day). I’m now daydreaming off to a nice exotic location where it’s always sunny and warm (you might of guessed but I’m writing this in winter, feeling like I need a little warming up).

  5. Opt for the classic – there’s nothing better than a tailored suit! Go for outfits that will remain timeless. You don’t want to look back on these in years to come and think what was I thinking! But do remember to think of where the engagement photoshoot is.

  6. Accessorise! Aka bring a dog. Yes your dog is the perfect accessory and yes they can make for the perfect engagement photos, well in my point of view (check out my other blog about how to include a dog in your engagement photoshoot … if not I can loan out mine – haha). If accessories aren’t your thing, don’t force it. However, if you do love a little sparkle make sure to include it. Fun jewellery and scarves make great additions to your photos. Every accessory has the potential to tell more of your story.

  7. Don’t feel you have to avoid patterns! Often seen as an area to avoid but when done well it can work brilliantly. Go for larger patterns as these turn out better in photos. But don’t both of you be in patterns as this can clash and not make for the most flattering photos.

  8. When in doubt dress it up! You can never go wrong with going big and making it an unforgettable engagement session. But do take into account your location.


So what are you thinking of wearing for your engagement photoshoot experience?


The bubbly is on ice and ready to be poured – I can picture it now! 🙂


P.s. if you ever wanted to bring your dog for an engagement shoot check out this blog here – Top tip for including your dog in your Engagement Photos