Minterne House Wedding

Ella & James – A Minterne House Wedding


I’m going to start off by saying just wow. Such an epic wedding I was lucky to be a part of. Ella and James are the most amazing couple and they deserved such an extraordinary wedding, having their wedding at Minterne House definitely elevated that.


A little bit about Minterne House –

One of the most amazing proprieties I’ve stepped foot in. Everywhere you looked there was a piece of artwork, I could still be there now admiring every piece. But let’s dive into a bit more about its fascinating history. It was the home to the first Sir Winston Churchill and the to the Digby family. Minterne House as you see it today was built in 1905 and still contains the original Churchill tapestries and furniture. A younger son from Sherborne Castle, Admiral Robert Digby bought the house and valley on a ‘walk-in, walk-out’ basis ensuring everything in the house was retained. Packed in Naval history, Henry Digby was Captain of the ‘Africa’ during the battle of Trafalgar. Many letters, paintings and prizes from that time are still at Minterne.


I’ll now pass you over to Ella and James so they can give you an insight into their Wedding –


Tell Me About The Beginning –

We met through Tinder, our first date was in central London on the South Bank.

James was so happy after the first date that we met again two days later.


When and Where Did You Get Engaged?

We got engaged on 23rd January 2021, it was a very private moment during one of the many lockdowns.


What Style/Theme Have You Gone For Your Wedding?

There isn’t really a rigid theme, the colour we have chosen for the bridesmaid dress & ties is a pale pink. There will be plenty of flowers and real candles. The colour theme of the flowers will be white, pale pink, pale peach, pale blue and lots of greenery.


What Is The Thing You’re Looking Forward To Most About Your Day?

Can we say getting married…?


Top Tips!

We are not the people to ask this!


The Suppliers –

The suppliers at Ella and James’ wedding were phenomenal. If you want to reach out to any of them I’ve copied in their websites below.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Now onto the gallery … what you’re really here for. I hope you enjoy all of these wonderful photographs of Ella & James’ Wedding.

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