A Gorgeous Engagement At The Dramatic Kynance Cove

October 11, 2022

A Gorgeous Engagement At The Dramatic Kynance Cove


If you’ve ever been to Cornwall before you’ll know exactly how jaw droppingly beautiful it can really be. To be honest its gorgeous whatever the weather, but when the sun shines it is just magical. This engagement session was one of those magical occasions in Newquay, Cornwall.

Have you managed to guess where this is in Newquay? If not keep reading I give it away below.


Let’s here from the amazing couple – Lauren & Kyle


Tell me about your beginning –

We knew eachother on an acquaintance level for a while, he was a few years older than me, and we’d say hello to eachother passing in the street but that was the extent of it, and then we randomly came across eachother one day on tinder ????????‍♀️ who says romance is dead hey?! (he swiped right first????)
Our first date was to The Hub in St Ives as we’re big foodies and I always remember us both ordering some form of burger and fries, and Kyle was surprised as there’s some old fashioned thing about women being too nervous to eat on the first date which we joked about. Fast forward half hour, and I (Lauren) had cleared my plate, and then had to finish off Kyles, which had barely been touched! Looks like he was more nervous than I was that day, but he’s never let it happen again!


When and where did you get engaged –

January 2020, fresh into the new year and we decided to go for a winter walk from the Lizard to Kynance Cove and back. So we got up early, wrapped up warm, packed a picnic lunch and off we went. All went well, the walk from The Lizard to Kynance was fairly straightforward, and whilst Kyle seemed a little off for not wanting to hold my hand for too long or get too close to me, he liked to be walking in front or behind, I didn’t think anything of it. We decided to stop and have lunch on a cliff top, so parked up and put our jackets down on the floor to act as a barrier between the wet grass and our bums. So far through lunch, Kyle leant over to grab something out of the bag, when at that exact moment, a gust of wind came and took his jacket off the ground, into the air over his head and swiftly hurtling towards the cliff edge. We’ll I’ve never seen the man move so fast, he threw the salad over his shoulder, and swan dived onto his jacket, mere feet away from the edge. He turned to look at me white as a ghost (he’s not a massive fan of heights as it is), and I just couldn’t stop laughing. It wasn’t an expensive jacket, only some cheap gilet, but little did I know that the only reason he tried so hard to get it back was because it had a ring box inside, and the reason he was so pale was because he thought he’d lost it forever. So after finally settling back down and finishing lunch, we set off on the way back. Nearing back towards the Lizard, there’s a trail that deviates off the path that I’d said I had always wanted to head down, so he detoured off that way, and it was down there that he decided to get down on one knee. It was lovely, there was nobody around, and there is truly no more beautiful place than the Cornish countryside.


Top Tips –

To just really take the time to enjoy the two of you. We have one-year-old twin boys, and the hustle and bustle of life and work and parenthood often gets in the way of Kyle and I really being able to appreciate each other, so the evening of our shoot was time for us to enjoy being us again, the us before we became mum and dad. Focus on that, the two of you, and just have fun.



Best Locations for an Engagement Photoshoot in Cornwall | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Kynance Cove | Couple standing next to waters edge


Kynance Cove, Cornwall

Kynance Cove (a tidal bay situated on the Lizard Peninsula) is a popular natural tourist attraction in Cornwall and you can see why. When you can get stunning sunsets, dramatic rock formations and turquoise water – like this how can you resist.


How to get to Kynance Cove:

  • Kynance Cove, The Lizard, Helston, Cornwall, TR12 7PJ

Coming from Helston take the A3083 south towards The Lizard. Keep driving for roughly half a mile from Lizard Village until you see a brown sign directing you to Kynance Cove. At The end of the road you’ll find a National Trust car park.


Find out more about Kynance Cove from the National Trust –   https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/kynance-cove


Kynance Cove Engagement | Cornwall Wedding Photographer


Now onto the main event … the amazing photo gallery of Lauren & Kyle at Kynance, Cornwall.


Let’s start with the slideshow –