Beautiful Beach Beacon Crag Elopement

August 3, 2022

Olga & Luke – A Beautiful Beach Beacon Crag Elopement



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Have you wanted to know what your dream elopement looks like? Well this is it …

What a day Monday was. Scroll down for lots of insider knowledge from Olga & Luke so you can get lots of top tips  for your wedding or elopement.

It all started at Beacon Crag for a dramatic ceremony then onto Rinsey for some stunning beach photos. If you’re planning your elopement and in need of an epic celebrant 100 percent check out Clare (her link is below), she really got to know the couple and it really showed in her speech.



Beacon Crag is the elopement you need to know about. Set on a stunning part of Cornish coastline, near Porthleven. It was built in 1887 for a local artist. The house is set within five acres of private cliff top grounds with its own access to the sea and rocky coves below. Imagine having all this right on your doorstep of your wedding or elopement.

Open all year round it can cater for all, with each season giving you a unique experience from the turquoise waters of summer to the stormy waters of winter. So the question is, do you want calm and peaceful or rugged and stormy?

This is a venue you will want to keep coming back to.


Location detailsBeacon Crag, West End, Porthleven TR13 9LA

Phone Number – 07815311291

Website –


I’ll now pass you over to Olga & Luke to give you an amazing insight into their Elopement at Beacon Crag –


Tell Me About The Beginning –

We started to get to know each other through the dating app. The first meeting was in Finsbury Park in London (actually at 1 of August). I was living next to it and Luke comes to meet me right after his small holidays. We had a nice walk around a park, then we were sitting in my favourite spot, on the rocks and just were talking and playing some weird word games.


When and Where Did You Get Engaged?

It was the 2 of April in a very nice city – Lynton. We were so lucky with the weather on that day, because it was very sunny and the sky was just perfect for the event. We went to one of the attractions to see some nice views from the hills (Valley of rocks). It was on top of one of them when we originally (as I was thinking) were planning just to sit down and draw some sketches. And he found a perfectly flat spot on top and said “yes, this is a good one, but first I want to ask you one question” and stand on one of his knees and ask me to marry him. I definitely did not expect that and I was surprised and in shock. I said yes and after that, we were just seating together and enjoyed the moment.


What Style/Theme Have You Gone For Your Wedding/ Elopement?

Can’t say that we will have a special style there. But probably more classic one. Suits, nice classic wedding dress, Some pastel and a bit blue flowers and that’s probably it.


What Is The Thing You’re Looking Forward To Most About Your Day?

Probably ceremony part.


Top Tips!

No stress! Also not trying to find a perfection, it will always be something else so just take it if you like it. Less people involved – less opinion and better understanding of what you want. Always listen to what you want on your perfect day. I may say my approach will be more like: “we always could make another ceremony on our 1/5/10 anniversary and make it different in the future” rather than “it is our only 1 wedding and we need to make it perfect in all possible way”. This thinking will decrease your stress level and allow you to choose something that you will enjoy.


The Suppliers –

The suppliers at Olga & Lukes were brilliant. If you want to reach out to any of them I’ve copied in their websites below.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Now onto the gallery … what you’re really here for. I hope you enjoy all of these wonderful photographs of Olga & Lukes Elopement.


Beacon Crag Elopement Gallery