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Time To Make Your Trip To Cornwall Unforgettable


Table Of Contents:

  1. The Best Free Things To Do In Cornwall
  2. The Best Things To Do In Cornwall If You Want To Experience Being A Local
  3. The Best Things To Do In Cornwall If You Have Time
  4. The Best Things To Do In Cornwall If You Love Art
  5. The Best Things To Do In Cornwall For Foodies
  6. The Best Things To Do In Cornwall Before You Leave


There are more than a million things to see and do in Cornwall. The challenge isn’t really in finding one. It’s in choosing which ones to fit in your adventure.

Cornwall is breathtakingly beautiful packed full of epic places and fun activities – enough to keep you occupied for days (or even months!). My best piece of advice is this: take yourself a little further a field and enjoy the path less traveled. Don’t limit yourself to doing just the touristy activities. If  visiting the domes of the Eden Project or walking along the narrow walkway across to St Michaels Mount  – then go ahead and do those. But take note that Cornwall has so much more to offer. You don’t want to miss out because you were stuck queueing at some touristy attraction, do you?

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The Best Free Things To Do In Cornwall

It’s true, Cornwall has some attractions that cost a few £££. But not everything costs an arm and a leg in this beautiful county. Sometimes, you don’t even need to spend a penny. I’m talking about enjoying the beautiful south west coast path, a stunning beach walk (like at Godrevy) or taking a trip across to St Michaels Mount. No matter where you go Cornwall has lots of hidden little gems.

South West Coast Path

Measuring 630 miles the possibilities of places to park up and walk is endless. Why not take a stop off at Chapel Porth and take in the dramatic scenery of the North coast of Cornwall. If you fancy going to see Chapel Porth don’t forget your camera and a good pair of trainers.

Here is the postcode for the National Trust Car Park at Chapel Porth – TR5 0NS

Find out more about it here – Click Here



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Godrevy Beach Walk

Godrevy is at the end point of three miles of golden sand (check the tide times if you want to walk the whole beach) stretching from Hayle. Godrevy is set in the most beautiful location with a beautiful sandy bay, dramatic rocky edge at the tip, leading out to the famous Godrevy lighthouse. This is a place not to be missed.

Here is the postcode for the National Trust Car Park at Godrevy – TR27 5ED

Find out more about it here – Click Here

The Best Things To Do In Cornwall If You Want To Experience Being A Local

Whether you’re here for a short break or staying much longer, you’ll never run out of places to explore. Cornwall has a wide selection of fishing villages, from those that have grown in size like Falmouth to those that have the picture postcard scene like Port Isaac. There are so many little fishing villages to choose from the decision can be hard. My top choices? Bostcastle, Mullion, Port isaac, and Polperro.

Take A Trip To A Local Fishing Village

I love being able to take a trip around the coast path and stop off at many different picturesque fishing villages. If you choose to take a trip to Port Isaac you might find you recognise a few spots. Not only is it a quaint little fishing village it is also famous for being the setting for Doc Martin. My top tip for here is to arrive here early as it can get quite busy in peak season. Also don’t forget to try some delicious fish and chips, can’t say no whilst your by the sea.

Surf In Newquay

If surfing is your thing, then coming to Newquay should be on your list. Picturesque beaches with some epic waves you will find it hard to drag yourself out of the water. Fistral Beach, in Newquay, has it all – surf board hire, lessons and a gorgeous stretch of golden sand. When you do don’t forget to try out some of the beach bars and restaurants, like The Stable. You can’t go wrong with Pizza and Cider.

Try Some Cider

You’re in Cornwall so you have to try Cider. The best drink in my opinion. Pure apple juice fun. But where can you get the best cider from?

There are so many cider farms in Cornwall it can be really hard to choose where to go to quench your thirst. Below are a few links to some of the best place to get your cider from (Rattler doesn’t even make the cut … trust me there’s a lot better).

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The Best Things To Do In Cornwall If You Have The Time

So you’re staying in Cornwall for a little longer and you really want to take your Cornish adventure to the next level. There’s so many hidden gems, independent coffee shops and long coastal paths waiting to be explored. Now, let me tell you more about my favourite Cornwall hotspots.

Watch A Performance At The Minack Theatre

The stretch of coastline surrounding The Minack Theatre is breathtaking. You can come to think you’re in a far off land with its dramatic cliff edge and turquoise waters. So why not book yourself into the open air Minack Theatre to watch a performance you’ll never forget. Just cross your fingers that the Cornish weather shines bright on you that day.

Check out The Minack Theatre Here – Click Here

Take A Trip Over To The Isles Of Scillys

A short trip from Penzance can take you back to one of the most beautiful, unspoilt locations, hidden gems Cornwall has to offer – The Isles of Scilly. If your after a laid back adventure where you can reconnect with nature, enjoy the sparkling white sands and space to feel free. The magic of the Isles of Scilly is for you.

Check out more information on the Isles of Scilly, including how to get there via the link here – Click Here

Take A Boat Trip

Have you always fancied yourself as a bit of a sea lover? Then taking a boat trip in Cornwall really is the thing for you. Having a tour of the Cornish coast is a time you’ll never forgot. Stunning coastal scenery rich in wildlife. The amount of wildlife you see can be amazing, from dolphins and basking sharks to stunning sea birds (like Gannets), nature will never cease to amaze you.

I would highly recommend going out with AK Wildlife Cruises. They’re super friendly and their knowledge is fantastic. Check out the link here to find out more about AK Wildlife Cruises –


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The Best Things To Do In Cornwall If You Love Art

Cornwall is an art hub, full of budding artist experimenting and showing off their amazing pieces of art. It’s hard to walk down a street and not stumble across an art gallery, whether that is a gallery of photos, paintings, sculpture, to name a few. From museums to exhibits, theatre shows, you’re surely going to have your fill (and more).

Take A Trip To The Tate In St Ives

The Tate, nearly everyone has heard of  The Tate. One of four Tate galleries the one in St Ives is a gallery not to be missed. Showing work of modern British artists who have a link with St Ives. Whilst not admiring the art work why not admire how beautiful Porthmeor beach is and take a wonder up to St Nichols Chapel to take in the breathtaking views of St Ives.

Find out what’s going on at The Tate in St Ives by clicking here – Click Here

Barbra Hepworth Museum And Sculpture Garden

An experience for you to step in the shoes of an artists that lived and breathed her artwork. A leading figure in British art. In 1949 Barbara Hepworth embarked on creating a studio to house her artwork. A studio and garden where she lived and worked in St Ives. This special museum boasts over 30 pieces of work in wood, stone, plaster and bronze. This place is only a short stroll from the Tate so you could do both at once.

Here’s more information you need to plan your trip – Click Here

Visit The Local Art Shops

There are so many local art galleries around it is hard to work out where to start. Falmouth is a good option to start. Take a wonder down the cobbled street and stop off at The Poly. An art gallery that features various local artists and also has it’s own theatre with numerous showings. Or have you always fancied yourself as a pottery painter – go and test your skills at Star Glazers Pottery Cafe.

To find out who’s exhibiting and what’s on at The Poly click here – Click Here

Or to find out more and book yourself onto some pottery painting click here – Click Here

Catch A Movie In An Independent Cinema

If you’re coming to Cornwall go for the old-school cinematic experience by heading to the independent cinemas. There’s a good variety to choose from The Poly to The Merlin cinemas.

Check out what The Poly has to offer, from film less seen, film festivals, Films with Director Q&As, and much more – Click Here

Or do you want more of modern yet laid back approach. Like any big cinemas the merlin cinemas have up to date showings but you have the opportunity to watch them in unique room (like the theatre screen in Redruth) and on comfy sofas too.

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The Best Things To Do In Cornwall For Foodies

Go Out For A Cream Tea

A west country tradition. Why not tempt yourself to have a classic a cream tea. But first things first, are you a cream or jam first kind of person. The heavily debated topic between Cornwall and Devon, I’ll try not to tell you which one is right (jam first). This can be perfect to sit back after a long walk or after a day of relaxation. There are so many places that offer the perfect cream tea it’s hard to recommend one.

Have A Pasty

You can’t come to Cornwall without eating a pasty. A delightful pastry snack stuffed with your favourite ingredients. The traditional pasty is wrapped in a mouthwatering shortcrust pastry and comes stuffed with swede, potato, onion, beef and some spices, but you can now find pasties stuffed with almost anything. Yes sweet pasties too. My favourite pasties come from Oggies in Falmouth. They offer a huge variety of pasties and cater for all – Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan. You definitely need to try one.

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The Best Things To Do In Cornwall Before You Leave

Buy Thoughtful Souvenirs

Don’t leave Cornwall without keeping a little token to remind you of all the fun you’ve had. And I don’t mean those random tat nor the die-cast keychains sold in hundreds of stalls around Cornwall. Go for something thoughtful and classy. Buy a unique piece of artwork to display at home. Stock your cupboard with lots of Cornish ginger biscuits, fudge and saffron buns.

Have A Professional Photoshoot

Yes, you read that right. This wouldn’t be a photographer’s list of best things to do in Cornwall if it doesn’t involve a photoshoot experience. And you know what they say – A picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe a tad cliche, but true. Wouldn’t it be nice to have epic professional photos taken during your unforgettable Cornwall trip? Whether you’re here for your annual holiday or you’re here to celebrate an important milestone (an engagement or a wedding, perhaps?), it’s wonderful to have a gallery of memories that you can keep with you to remember this adventure. You don’t have ask random strangers to take your photos or there is no need for those selfie sticks where it doesn’t create the most flattering of photos.

Having a local photographer take you around Cornwall means you don’t just get stunning artistic photos. You also get a lovely complimentary tour around some of the most incredible beach locations and hidden gems.

Phew, that was quite a list! Now you’re ready to pack your bags and explore Cornwall. Let me know by dropping me a message if you found this guide useful and if you tried anything at all on my list! I’d love to hear from you. If you’re interested in having your photoshoot in Cornwall, please drop me a message, and let’s work together.

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