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So you’re thinking of fall-ing in love with Autumn. Sorry I’ll stop with the puns soon. Spring and summer are undoubtedly the most popular seasons to get married. Engaged couples just can’t resist these two most popular seasons to get married in – the sunshine sparkling, the thought of sipping champagne outdoors, or the thought of having a wedding outside. However, picture this – the colours of the trees and land are slowly changing to vast shades of reds, yellow and oranges; the cosy atmosphere and not to mention all the warm mouthwatering comfort food … that autumnal feeling. Autumn is an unrivalled season if you think about it, the colours in your wedding photos will be out of this world. There are more benefits to having an autumn wedding than just having amazing photos. So here are a few more benefits, wedding venues have more availability and are more likely to offer generous seasonal discounts. Wedding peak season is also over by this time so wedding suppliers are not as busy as in the spring or summer.

So let’s dive in and discover why an Autumn Wedding could be the one for you. In this post you’ll find lots of wedding ideas for seasonal details.

Stunning Rustic Wedding At Chycara | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Jake Timms Photography


Step back for a more classic natural look

Your special day has been months, if not years in the making. You’ve stuck to resolutions and goals that you once thought were impossible. All your time spent exercising, going to bed early, taking part in a healthier diet. This strict regime has finally paid off. You are looking absolutely stunning and ready for your wedding day. So why not show the real you off and not have very little make-up.

Go light and au naturel. Autumn wedding or not, this look is timeless. It’s no secret that less is always more. Follow that mantra and you’ll never go wrong. The “no make-up” make-up look will not only enhance your natural beauty. It will also help make your wedding photos look timeless. Years from now, you will look back and relive the memories of your special day. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see yourself looking bright and fresh in your wedding photos?



Before you start planning your decorations and details you need to choose your wedding colours. When it comes to weddings, there are endless possibilities for colours and themes. But you’re thinking about getting saying I do during the autumn, so there are definitely some colours that stand out. Vibrant hues of gold, orange, and red can create an atmosphere that is both warm and inviting. Your guests will never want to leave.Maybe you could include some natural elements like fallen leaves, pumpkins of all shapes and sizes and sparkling candles. These can give your wedding that rustic charm. You’ve picked an amazing season for different tones – you could choose to go for the more natural brown, greens and oranges. This season is your inner artists paint palette. Go for it be creative with your autumnal wedding masterpiece. Your wedding is going to be unforgettable


Stunning Rustic Wedding At Chycara | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Jake Timms Photography

Seasonal local flowers

Your floral decorations will make up the essence of your wedding theme. They give you the edge from taking your wedding from an unforgettable wedding to an out of this world wedding. So luckily for you in autumn, you’ve got a great choice of beautiful blooms. Ranunculus, Roses, Astrantia, Sedum, Sunflowers, Clematis, Hydrangea, Carthamus, Orchids, Calia Lilies, Amaranthus, Dahilias, Thistle, Protea, Anemones are some of the blooms you may wish to consider. Eucalyptus, Ferns, Ivy and Olive will bring more of the autumn theme to your overall décor. You can also incorporate some woodland elements into any foliage you have such as berries, twigs, pinecones and changing leaves.

Whether you choose to embrace the traditional and go with warm reds and oranges or you decide to take advantage of what’s seasonally available and opt for jewel tones or to buck from tradition and have a simple neutral or pastel colour scheme an expert florist will be able to guide you through the blooms available during the autumn season.

There’s that proud feeling inside you get when you know where each of your flowers come from, and they’re all from just down the road. Plus there is no prettier sight than a wedding filled with a warm glow and fresh smell of autumnal flowers. What do you think? It’s true though real flowers aren’t the cheapest thing. But paying for the real deal gives your wedding a completely different atmosphere. I know you might be thinking that artificial flowers have come along way and so much cheaper. Yes they are, but you don’t have to pay the fortune for specific flowers from overseas, go local. You’ll save money and also do your little bit for the planet. Plus wedding florists will love you for going local.

Of course there’s more flowers and decorative elements than what’s been listed here but it’s a good starting point for you to talk to your chosen florist about in more depth with or to start adding to your Pinterest board!


Stunning Rustic Wedding At Chycara | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Jake Timms Photography


Choosing Your Wedding Venue

You’re looking for your wedding venue that has the wow factor. When you’re thinking about an autumn wedding there’s a few more things you need to consider like does the venue have enough space inside as well as out and are they able to change setup if the weather takes a turn for the worst. You never know what the British weather has inshore for you, even in summer. Especially down here in Cornwall. Also does your venue have lots of cozy spaces that you can decorate and an equally beautiful interior for those all important wedding photographs. Rustic barns can make the perfect choice during this season. Filling jars with fairy lights (you could go for outdoor solar panel ones if you’re worried about them getting wet. These will create a relaxed atmosphere at dusk and also provide some romantic photos with your chosen wedding photographer. No matter your chosen wedding venue you can try and plan for the unpredictable weather. Here are a couple of ideas – if you are worried about rain you can hire a selection of wedding umbrellas (the clear ones are best especially for photos). You can also provide a basket of soft warm blankets for guests to grab and cuddle up in when the evening chill settles in.


Stunning Rustic Wedding At Chycara | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Jake Timms Photography


Carry a theme across your autumn wedding

The best way to  make your wedding stand out and for you to feel proud of your wedding masterpiece is to stick to a theme. This has been briefly touched on before but wanted to bring it back to this is key to making your wedding amazing.It will make your autumn wedding look more coherent and polished. If you have a wedding stylist or planner they will be able to give you lots of ideas. If not head over to Pinterest – it’s full of so many amazing ideas. Your possibilities are endless.

For instance why not ask your cake maker to decorate your wedding cake with edible or sugar flowers that are similar to those on your wedding bouquet? You could also use silk ribbons on your wedding bouquet that are of the same colour as your table napkins? Maybe use the same foliage from the wedding bouquet on the top table? Keep it simple though, it can quickly turn into a mess rather than a picturesque setting.


Stunning Rustic Wedding At Chycara | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Jake Timms Photography


Preparation is key when choosing your autumn wedding outfit

It’s time to say yes to the dress, but let’s remember what time of year it is. You 100% percent want that dress you feel gorgeous in. Just keep in mind is this dress right for an autumn wedding. The weather could throw anything at you. If you know you’ve found the dress but it’s not made for cold weather maybe invest in some added extras. The early autumn months can be on the warmer side (sometimes we experience an Indian summer) and the latter months tend to get rather chilly and wet. Being prepared for any occasion will keep your mind at ease and make your day extra special.

What are you thinking about hairstyle? Don’t be afraid to go with the autumn feel and choose a hairstyle that is a little more relaxed. A large braid or informal up-do decorated with some vibrant autumnal flowers or greenery will look amazing paired against the changing leaves outside and your wedding theme.


Stunning Rustic Wedding At Chycara | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Jake Timms Photography


Have a back-up plan

Autumn weddings are ones where you need to be prepared in th UK. It could be your chance to relive the summer days by celebrating your wedding outside without the scorching hot sun, so no fear that all your guest will be sweltering. Also the extra dazzle from the autumn flowers and fallen leaves ill make your outdoors ceremony extra special. Don’t forget though have a backup plan, you could have bright sunshine for part of the day then the rain starts to come in. So if you’re thinking of having your dream outdoors wedding choose a wedding that has an equally pretty indoor setup that you can quickly move to if the weather changes. it pays to be prepared.


Stunning Rustic Wedding At Chycara | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Jake Timms Photography


Think Food

Finally, if you’re a big foodie this is your season. Autumn food is all about variety. With the cooler weather you may decide to serve up some pipping hot dishes for your wedding day menu. Wild mushrooms, hearty roasts, shepherds pie are all popular meals associated with this season and will keep your guests well fed and happy. Now who doesn’t like a nice bit of comfort food. For the evening do, why not treat your guests to wood-fired pizzas or a nice warm Cornish pasty followed by seasonal delights such as toffee apples or toasted marshmallows? This is also the perfect season to try lots of different ciders. So why not have a cider tower rather than a champagne tower.


Let’s not forget though with the evenings getting darker earlier you can have the perfect send off with sparklers. Or better yet why not go out with a bang with some fireworks.

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