Bellever Forest Sunset Through The Trees

Bellever Forest


A Trip To Bellever Forest


Last weekend was jam packed. Full of excitement and adventures … Myself, Layla and Peach (aka the pooch) took a little trip up to Bellever Forest for a weekend away.

We couldn’t of picked a more of a dramatic weekend of weather if we tried. Saturday was gorgeous – blue skies all around However Sunday had it all, a bitter cold wind, drizzling rain, a fluttering of snow and a glimpse of sunshine. It was mind blowing how we had all this in a matter of hours on Sunday. It’s like they say the Dartmoor weather is completely unpredictable.

On Saturday we stepped out of our front door to Bellever Forest. The long slog of the A30 soon came to an end as we gazed upon the breathtaking views of Dartmoor. The scenery vast and dramatic, as though we were in a scene of Lord of The Rings. We had arrived. The hotel we chose to stay at is called – Lydgate House Hotel, set in an ideal location (a short 10 minute walk to Bellever Forest itself). The amount of walks from there was amazing – walkers paradise. Plus the owners (Jon and Sarah) were out of this world, so helpful I can’t even put it into words.


Bridge at Bellever Forest


So we were off, let the walking commence.  I laced up my walking boots, Layla slipped into her hunter wellies whilst Peach leaped with excitement till it was time to go. We are off … adventure time. You can’t go exploring without a camera, well at least I can’t. Walking through grassland up to Bellever forest. Every where you turned your head there was something new to see from the fast flowing waters, to the fragrant pine trees. We could have walked for miles and miles but the sun started to fade (and our stomachs started to rumble), so we decided to head back ready for our meal at Lydgate House Hotel.

Oh boy the food was absolutely brilliant. Catered for every need … being vegan was no problem. They made the most scrumptious beetroot tart followed by a mouthwatering crumble – thinking about it now makes me want to go back right now. There’s no doubt that we will be back soon.

We slept so well. Well I did even if it was short lived, ready for an early rise to watch the sunrise. Layla decided to remain in bed but I really don’t blame her, I was considering it. Another reason for our trip to Bellever Forest was to photograph a wonderful couple – Tabby & Joe. We decided to do the shoot at sunrise to make the most of the light. Well Dartmoor had different plans for us that morning – a bitterly cold wind, rain drizzling, powdery snow falling from the sky and finally a glimpse of sun.

We had it all and what a fantastic couple they were braving the weather for some awesome photos. The engagement photos will be ready soon for all to see, but for now take a little ponder through some of the photos below that I took on Saturday.


Can you guess the photo where Peach had gotten fed up of being in front of the camera?


If you fancied checking out Lydgate House Hotel the details are below:

  • The website can be found here –
  • The address is -Lydgate House, Postbridge, Dartmoor, Devon PL20 6TJ
  • Phone number – 01822 880209
  • Email –

Photo Gallery of Bellever Forest


Bellever Forest Peach at Bellever Forest Believer Forest Peach at Bellever Forest Peach at Bellever Forest Layla and Peach at Bellever Forest Layla At Bellever Forest As The Sun Sets Through The Trees Layla At Bellever Forest As The Sun Sets Through The Trees Layla At Bellever Forest As The Sun Sets Through The Trees Layla At Bellever Forest As The Sun Sets Through The Trees Peach at Bellever Forest Wild Ponies of Bellever Forest Bellever Forest Sunset Through The Tress Bellever Forest Sunset Through The Trees


If you have any questions or simply want a chit chat feel free to drop me a message and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. I hope you’re having a wonderful week in this glorious sunshine.


Speak soon,


Jake 🙂


P.s. If you fancy checking out an engagement session I have done before hit the link here – St Cleer, Cornwall Engagement Photoshoot of Alice and Rob



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