A Cornwall Wedding – Jadine and Jordan

August 13, 2021

A Cornwall Wedding- Jadine and Jordan

“The golden and unpeopled bays

The shadowy cliffs and sheep-worn ways

The white unpopulated surf

The thyme-and-mushroom scented surf

The slate-hung farms, the oil-lit chapels

Thin elms and lemon-coloured apples…”


Cornwallis is such a beautiful place, a place of beauty, a place of fun and happiness, a place where you can go and get lost in the quaint streets or on the idyllic coastline. No wonder couples want to get married here and I have not wanted to stray far.
You can go from the glorious rolling countryside to the dramatic coast within minutes. A backdrop for weddings where dreams can be made and memories to last a lifetime. So what is stopping you from exploring this little piece of heaven, you could even get married here?

Sir John Benjamin’s poem above describes elegantly the way the land has a captivating beauty that wants everyone to breathe in more of its diverse scenery. From the rugged cliff face of the North Cliffs to the shimmering emerald beaches surrounding Logans Rock. If you are after something a bit more quaint and rich in history why not try exploring the breathtaking landscape of Tintagel or the bustling streets of St Ives. There really is something for everyone to see.

Welcome to Jadine’s and Jordan’s worlds. Having never before stepped foot in Cornwall they decided to want to say I do by the sea. Imagine that, not having viewed their venue before the big day. But they did it and wow it went so well.

So let me take you back to Monday 23rd of August. We are in the picturesque town of St Ives. What a gorgeous beachside setting, and wow the weather was gorgeous – hot hot hot. Walking down towards the ceremony you could hear the pitter-patter of footsteps, cries of laughter, and echoes of chit chatter. The town was alive and kicking. The ceremony was taking place at St Ive’s Guildhall. I had never before stepped foot inside of this venue but wow it was gorgeous – just right for an intimate wedding. Packed full of history and quirky pieces of furniture. Everything was perfect. Jadine and Jordan were surrounded by family and before you knew it was time to say the most anticipated words. But you can’t come to a Cornish ceremony without leaving with some treasured Celtic words from the officiants.

Onto the blessing. Midday in a sun-scorched town makes it feel like you’re in the Mediterranean not down in Cornwall. The blessing was being held at St Nicholas Chapel, a short walk through the bustling town. Walking down the busy street you could hear all the people yelling congratulations as we passed on through. It didn’t take long and you were met by the sound of waves hitting the shore. Located up a short steep hill and you were there. The view was absolutely stunning. Surrounded by the lapping waves of the ocean and the bustling town of St Ives. What more could you ask for. It was a tight squeeze inside the chapel but perfect for a small intimate wedding. A quick blessing and a few words of wisdom shared, and a parting gift of a key. Which had everyone in amusement. Unbeknown to the vicar but part of Jordan’s job involves cutting keys. Out to the entranceway and what a better way to do a send-off than confetti (biodegradable though). Cheers and laughter echoed as confetti was thrown, the happy couple now married. Time to pop some champagne and celebrate. Short and sweet the speeches were said overlooking the water’s edge. Time for some food and you can’t get anything more seaside than the classic fish and chips. Sat on the lawn beneath the chapel everyone ate and chatted as the kids ran around and filled the time with laughter. The chips were brilliant – I can’t lie (much needed too).

Now for a little stroll to the beach. It was packed, but photos were needed. Jadine was trying to go unnoticed, but quite hard to slip by a gorgeous white dress. Not one for going unnoticed Jordan soon got the crowd cheering and shouting congratulations. A funny moment enjoyed by all.

As sad as it is, all brilliant days have to come to an end. This is a day I will not forget and I’m so happy to of been included in their celebrations.

A massive congratulations to Jadine and Jordan, I wish you all the best for years to come!

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