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4 Amazing Wedding Trends Set to be Huge in 2023



Table of Contents:

  1. Are you getting married next year?
  2. Fashion wedding trends
  3. ‘Briesmates’ is the new wedding trend you need to know about
  4. Sustainability is on the rise
  5. Have you thought about your first dance?



Are you getting married next year?

If you are getting married in 2023, this IS the blog for you. From simple details like more tailored guest lists and trending wedding colours, too much bigger consideration like sustainability and eco-credentials, the wedding trends for 2023 are set to shake up weddings as we know them, in this blog I’m going to talk you through all the big trends that are set to be in 2023.


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Fashion wedding trends

First, let’s talk about the big one……. fashion. While wedding fashion from the 80s will likely have you thinking about froufrou sleeves and taffeta layers, the decade had a lot more to offer than Princess Diana’s iconic gown – the 80s have had a seriously modern glow up. The catwalk at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week was full of puff sleeve designs, and Google searches for the statement piece have grown by 39% year on year. While 90s styling is still big news, the previous decade set the tone for some of the most head-turning bridal styles in Barcelona. The 80s are back, and with a level of finesse that makes the dramatic detailing have an elegant flow. Viktor & Rolf had lots of texture and movement in their new collection, with some rah-rah skirt inspired detailing on their shorter styles. 

It’s not just the puff sleeve that’s back with a bang, as satin bows are also having another moment. At the opposite end of the fashion spectrum, bridal suits are also on the way up. As we emerge from a period where weddings were pared back and scaled down, it seems the desire to keep your wedding day look sleek and chic is sticking around, as searches for ‘wedding suits for women’ have rocketed by 125%….and I for one are here for this moment.


Beacon Crag Wedding | Elopement | Wedding Photographer Cornwall


‘Briesmates’ is the new wedding trend you need to know about

Now, let’s also take a moment to talk about the wedding party, in particular ‘Briesmates’. This term has recently become a very popular google search term. Which means is goodbye to the traditional female only Bridesmaids and hello to the inclusivity of mixed gender bridal parties. Searches for ‘male bridesmaid’ have increased by 23% as couples move to create wedding parties that reflect their actual friendship groups, and searches for ‘man of honour’ hit 1,000 a month in 2022 with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. ‘Bridesmates’, ‘wedding squad’ and ‘I do crew’ are just some of the terms couples are adopting as inclusive names for their wedding party.


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Sustainability is on the rise

Sustainable services are also making an increased appearance for couples who are wedding planning. Sustainability continues to be part of the conversation around weddings, as the National Wedding Survey revealed that more than a fifth of couples consider sustainability as part of their wedding planning. This is reiterated in trends we are seeing, There is no escaping the increasing urgency around the climate crisis, and couples are applying more thought to their wedding choices. With eco-friendly favours, locally sourced food and flowers and upcycling their accessories – Granny’s pearls are not just your ‘something borrowed’ anymore, they’re an environmental statement. Princess Beatrice put this on the map when she revealed that she’d had a micro-wedding in the pandemic and chose to wear a dress belonging to the Queen for her big day.

Searches for ‘wedding dress hire’ have risen 132% as couples look for more economical ways to plan a wedding. Renting a wedding dress is a savvy way for a bride to get their hands on a gown that may have previously been beyond their budget. A lot of our very own brides want to have a more sustainable approach to their wedding day outfit, for many brides their wedding day dress never leaves their closet after their big day, and with the new generation of brides increasingly concerned with wastefulness, renting is a great solution to this.

The eco-elements extend beyond wedding outfits, with interest in eco-friendly wedding favours soaring by 1,500% in the last year, as nearly three quarters of couples admitted they wanted to still give a traditional wedding favour to their guests but didn’t want to contribute to landfill by giving something that would end up in the bin. Consider thank you cards made from cardboard and seeds, so guests can plant them in their gardens and have a beautiful reminder of your wedding, simply avoiding paper in this way can help the environment massively. Another way couples are combating waste is by sharing food and favours after the event, through apps like Olio, where any surplus produce is shared with the local community rather than being thrown away.


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Have you thought about your first dance?

While there are several new traditions on the horizon, none is more relatable than the update to the first dance as half of couples are nervous about the first dance, and more than a fifth admitting they are ‘dreading it’! What’s more, more than one in ten couples are set to skip the ritual altogether in 2023 and beyond. A great way to still have a first dance is to begin the dance with just you and your new spouse and then have your DJ mix up your song, then invite all your guests to join you around 30 seconds in. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, be sure to chat to your DJ before hand as they will need time to create a mixed-up version of your chosen song.



Has anything here stood out to you? If so drop me a message below. I’d love to hear what you think.


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