3 Timeless Wedding Cakes You Need To See And Try

3 Timeless Wedding Cakes You Need To See And Try


I can hear those taste buds tingling. Cake is the most amazing thing ever create. My stomach is rumbling just thinking about writing this blog. So, you’ve just gotten engaged and wedding planning is in full swing. You’re starting to tick off your wedding needs list and it’s time to choose your cake. This is one of the easiest and fun wedding task you’ll do. The best part is you get to try lots of cakes – so many flavours to try. Yum, yum, yum!


But what sort of cake do you want? Traditional or contemporary, one tier or 7 tiers, it’s really up to you and rarely can it go catastrophically wrong (but expect the unexpected). To help you chose that scrumptious cake that’s right for you, I’ve compiled some knowledge (of eating too much cake) around one of my favourite subjects…yes you guessed it cake! I hope I haven’t said this too much already. Although my cake choice has suddenly become limited since having to opt for the gluten free cake range. 


After all, your cake although a small part of the overall day it’s actually quite an important decision to get right. Not only is it a key culinary element in your wedding day but it’s also going to be a centre piece, a highly photographed piece on your special day for you and your new partner. Plus, if you place your cake proudly on display, it becomes a part of your décor and doubles up as a style element. 


So if you are looking for some cake inspiration – you are in the right place. These are the wedding cake styles that will never go out of fashion. 


3 Timeless Wedding Cakes You Need To See And Try


Minimalist Wedding Cakes

Simplicity is minimalists best friends and it never looked so good. Minimalist wedding cakes appreciate that you don’t need to do a lot for your wedding cake to stand out. As they say, less can be more! 


Minimalist cakes carry themselves, they don’t need an introduction, they deliver the wow factor. These wedding cakes are perfect for couples who prefer clean cut lines and simple delicate design. But simple doesn’t mean boring. Not in the slightest! With bold beautiful features, your wedding cake will become a gorgeous feature that will have your guests talking. A touch of gold, some flawless flowers, or perhaps a smidge of greenery crafts the ultimate cherry on top for sleek white frosting or fondant.


Minimalist cakes aren’t suited for a particular couple but look great for couples having an intimate or smaller wedding as well as those wanting a timeless touch to their entire wedding.

3 Timeless Wedding Cakes You Need To See And Try


Rustic Wedding Cakes

Rustic, what does this word contour up to you? For me it gives me a feeling of old, slightly worn and I also associate rustic with autumn. But by definition a rustic wedding cake is a country inspired cake with little to no frosting. All the best bits for non icing lovers. But that doesn’t mean no decoration, you can really create an impressive piece. The decoration tends to lean towards more of a quirky boho wedding, with a styled table design that mainly features a rustic, wooden cake stand, fresh greenery, edible fresh flowers and fruits. 


This is the cake that offers a cake that is stripped of the added extras and added a decorative umphhh. They are often seen as more homely, filled with mouthwatering overload that will have your guests keep coming back for me.


Rustic weddings are unquestionably a hugely popular choice across the entire wedding industry, with couples going absolutely crazy for the rustic charm and pretty details.


As a cake trend, it’s also incredibly adaptable and gives you lots of room to infuse your personality and unique style into your cake.


After all, you’ll be the one devouring it! Whether you opt for a naked cake, buttercream that isn’t covered, or styling with fresh fruit, vines, or flowers. There is lots of room for imagination.

3 Timeless Wedding Cakes You Need To See And Try


Elegant Wedding Cakes

A more elegant cake with grand layers will suit you best if you and your partner simply exude classic elegance. Elegant wedding cake designs are extravagant and sophisticated.


The centrepiece of the wedding reception, these cakes dazzle guests and add to the decor. Choosing a wedding cake without a lot of design or contrasting colours that could take attention away from the cake’s overall design is the easiest way to convey elegance.



Elegant cakes are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, and they work well with all themes, colour schemes, and price ranges. However, they usually have a special touch, such as a botanical element, some gold leaf, tall layers, or eye-catching, deep complementary colours.


Your wedding cake will be the talk of the town and one of the most visually appealing aspects of your reception. It is still very much a tradition in addition to being a great subject for photos. preserving a moment in time that you can experience repeatedly.


The designs range from timeless and understated to striking and eye-catching, from multi-tiered extravaganzas to minimalist and even miniature wedding cakes.


Regardless of your wedding’s theme, choose a bespoke cake that will capture your desires and character. A skilled wedding cake maker will produce cakes that are stunning on the outside and equally delicious on the inside.


3 Timeless Wedding Cakes You Need To See And Try



If you’re looking for the perfect wedding cake maker in Cornwall take a look at these fantastic peoples website –

  1. The Cornish Cakery
  2. Silly Baked
  3. Red Robin Pantry


What style of wedding cake are you going to choose?

Thank you for reading – 3 Timeless Wedding Cakes You Need To Taste

I can’t wait to see what cake you’ve chosen.


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3 Timeless Wedding Cakes You Need To See And Try